New! Land Use Harmonization Code Release

The entire code-base that was used for our first land-use harmonization product (developed for CMIP5) is now available (Download). The primary purpose of this code release is to document exactly what we did when computing the harmonized land-use datasets. Documentation is also available and gives some additional information about the code-set. We are not currently able to release the various input files that the code requires since they are not our own intellectual property.

For those of you interested in viewing the code used for our second generation of LUH products, we do also intend to make that available after the products have been finalized in 2016.

The land use harmonization code release includes:
- Pre-processing scripts to convert raw data from HYDE and IAMs into format for input into our Global Land-use Model (GLM)
- GLM code used for generating land use harmonization datasets

The land use harmonization code release does not include:
- The inputs to our models (these are not our own intellectual property)
- Documentation for running and executing the code (since it is not possible to run the code without the inputs)

Code release: public_glm_release.tgz
Documentation: public_glm_release_documentation.pdf